225 Apprentice Entry RAF Halton
(4th November 1971 - 25th October 1973)        














The 80 or so members of 225 Entry arrived at Halton on 4 November 1971 and were marched off (although it did not look much like marching at that stage!) the following morning to be attested into the RAF.  Our motley crew consisted of three classes of Airframes, one of Armourers and one of Ground Electricians, but over the coming weeks and months we gelled into something far more military in appearance.

After two years of study and hard work (and some fun) most of us passed out on 25 October 1973 as Junior Technicians, although we did lose some along the way as they unfortunately did not last the distance, or stumbled at a late stage and left as Senior Aircraftsmen.  Of course we also gained a few from more senior entries as they were back-flighted for a variety of reasons.  

Despite the best intentions to keep in contact, postings and the passing years saw us dissipate around the RAF, before then starting to drift out into civilian life.

We did, however, manage to get 26 of the entry together at Halton in November 2011 to mark the 40th Anniversary of joining up.  It was a well-received event and we were working to have a 50th Anniversary Reunion in November 2021, but the Covid pandemic made that impractical as many of our number now live overseas and difficulties with vaccination and quarantine rules would likely preclude their attendance.  We do still hope to hold a reunion and a date in October 2023 might be suitable to coincide with the 50th anniversary of our passing out. 

The search continues for more members of the entry so if you were in the 225s at any time between November 1971 and October 1973 then please get in touch with me at derek.bird876@gmail.com

 Dickie Bird


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